• 2009: “Nexos: alianza de civilizaciones”, documentary TV series aired by La 2 (TVE)
      • This project is not about specific political issues, but rather about what we have in common, what people on the street have to say about themselves and their future, what solutions we can come up with to live together. We go to the countries in Europe with the highest immigration rates – which mean greater interculturality, coexistence and, more often than not, disagreement – from the Maghreb to Turkey, from Egypt to Afghanistan, from India to Indonesia, even to the United States.The camera captures the words and feelings of thinkers and writers, religious and political leaders, artists and historians, philosophers and sociologists, scholars and intellectuals. But also, and more importantly, it captures ordinary people, whose views about their lives give us both an overview and a detailed account of today’s reality in the countries visited, with every new chapter adding a piece of this interesting puzzle.
    • Chapter 03 – Nexos: Las tres religiones del libro

    • Chapter 08 – Nexos: En Asia central

    • Chapter 09 – Nexos: En Extremo Oriente

    • Chapter 11 – Nexos: El Tigris y el Eufrates

    • Chapter 12 – Nexos: La ciencia

    • Chapter 13 – Nexos: El futuro compartido